Bring About...
Harmony. Change. Ideas. Hope. Happiness. Questions. Answers. Adventure. Smiles. Curiosity. Dreams. Determination. Culture. Purpose.
Many Faces. Many Faces

Many Faces. Many Faces

Immortal Bliss

Take a Minute- K’naan

Rice Fields.



Trevor Hall - Bharat

My Africa

Tall Painting

“Learn from this, theres always light at the end of the tunnel. Hell does have an exit, and i found it. For those who are looking for a way out, i left the door open, and ill be waiting for whoever wants to grow with me. Peace and Love, Cudi.”

the forest scene.
the deep atmosphephere floating around him. drawn from the dark by a boat. into the light he called. scratching endlessly. stand up stand up. the thunder is calling you.
hear its rumbles as the rolling of the waves. the booms and clanging. hear them all.
you’ll make it to shore. just keep pulling yourself along. although far but clear, he saw a light upon the hillside. determination was his name. fight strong, strong again. through the vines, over the way, he wondered. searching. careful. bright! hopping holes through trees. fire burning, all around. fire burning, burning trees down. the problem has arrived. apparently she left. or so he said. OUT OF CONTROL.
he ran ran ran. screaming and beating his drums, sounding his horn. they were captured. not by hand, but because of his innocence. unknowingly, they followed him. laughed with him. respected him. this is a spark to your work. What are you doing? scence change
“eat it”
god your selfish. BE STILLL. “why?” because i have powers from another land. correrlation. the ICE. and they made him their KING.
Statement. Can you keep out all the darkness? I have a place where there is no sadness. Looks like we found our king. old friends new friends. tension. distrust. and loayality. hand in hand. Remains of the past.

“The world is as big as you allow it to be”